Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Photos....

Here are some pictures that were emailed to me from Annabelle. Does anyone know what year these were taken? Or info behind these photos?

Heres one of Grandma and Grandpa... so cute!


  1. The bottom picture is of Grandma, Grandpa and Walter.

  2. The picture with the white dress grandma is 28 years old. The picture with the black dress she is 18. Like Susan said the baby in the picture is tio Walter.

  3. Are you guys sure this is our Grandma? Am I the only person here that sees Greta Garbo in each of these pictures?
    I bet Grandma was some kind of TV star back then, oh TV back then; I mean a movie star...they had theaters right?

  4. she is so pretty I cant belive it is her

  5. Who in our family resembles Grandma's looks?
    She was very beautiful.