Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to our grandma's site!

Wow! Our grandmother turned 97 years old this month!!! I can not believe it. This morning as I was looking through the pictures of grandma from her 97th birthday party on facebook that georgina has posted, I was thinking I need to write a little something about her on my Blog and then a thought came into my mind to just dedicate a blog page just about our grandma and here we can write down all the stories we know about her and share it with everyone of our families so we can have a record of her life. Now how cool is that! So when our kids kids ask "what was she like?" Well, here is the blog page to find out!

I had already started to do this with the help of Gina, who is interviewing her from time to time when she is not busy with school and work and dating and friends and...whatever else she does, and to those who have shared photos with me through email. Thank you!

Well I think it will be easier to just post stuff you want to share here! If you have old pictures you want to post here, it is very easy and please include some details about the photo.

With these compilings I am going to one day make a book about all the stories and facts about our grandmother. We'll see how this goes. This will be very cool! Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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  1. The small picture with grandma and the trees in the background she is 28 years old. The picture with grandma and the black dress she is 18 years old. the picture with grandpa and grandma holding the baby that is tio Walter.